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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Conversations with the girl #4

Scene: The park on a Wednesday afternoon. The boy and girl are in swings beside each other.

The girl: Mom, push me high mom.

Me: I am pushing you high. I push her hard.

The girl: No, push me super high. Super high!

Me: I am pushing you super high. I push her with all my might.

The girl: No! Push me higher.

Me: I am pushing you as high as you can go. I push her as hard as I can.

The girl: No! No! Push me the highester. I push her very hard.

Me: I am going to push your brother now.

I go over to the boy who sits happily in his barely moving swing. I push him gently.

The girl: Push me more mom! Push me high!

I push.

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