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Thursday, May 28, 2009


I think my kids are having telepathic conversations with each other. They go something like this...

"Hey, are you awake still?"

"Yes, I'm just having some milk. Yumm. I'm going to fall asleep soon though. What is it?"

"I just had an idea. Don't you think it would be funny if I took a nap today after you wake up. I mean, I haven't napped in a week and a half. Maybe I'll even nap for three hours. I'll just read some books until then."

"That is funny. Mom would laugh and laugh. I think I will make it even funnier by just having a twenty minute nap".

"Good idea. See you in three hours."

And this...

"What are you doing?"

"Just looking at the trees. I am feeling kind of sleepy though since I was awake a lot last night and only had a short nap this morning".

"Maybe you should take a nap right now in the carrier while we walk home from the store. Then you won't want a nap after lunch and we can play."

"That's a good idea. In fact, my eye lids are getting heavy right now. I think I will just learn back and arch my back out of the carrier. That is so much more comfortable then cuddling into mom."

"You know, I might actually tell mom that I want to have a nap. I think I will ask and ask and ask. And then after being in bed for five minutes I will yell and yell for mom. She'll like that. And she'll probably let me watch some video just so she can get a 'break'. "

"Hmm, okay. You know, if I sleep now I probably won't need another naps for hours. Mom always laughs so hard that tears come out of her eyes when we don't nap."

"We are pretty funny."



  1. Haha! This was a hilarious post - loved it!

  2. HaHaHa! Oh my god--what am I in for?!?!