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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oh, how I longed to be Elizabeth Bennet

I have read Pride and Prejudice many, many times. Jane Austen is one of my favorite authors and Pride and Prejudice one of my favorite books. I, like many others, used to want to be Elizabeth Bennet.

I always assumed I would meet my own Mr.Darcy. It was actually a little bit disappointing that I liked the husband immediately upon meeting him. I always expected I would have that same love/ hate thing that Lizzie and Darcy have.

Because of my love for the book I can be a bit, shall we say, possessive of any adaptions. My poor stepmother had to listen to me trash the Keira Knightly movie version as she tried to watch it last Christmas. In fact I had better not say anything else on that subject or I will be here typing all night...

This however I love. Under The Mad Hat has posted Pride and the Twitterverse, an extremely detailed adaption of the book told as if all the characters had been using Twitter instead of wandering stately manor grounds and conversing in the drawing room.

It is so nice to meet another kindred spirit.

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  1. Check out 'Lost in Austen' a tounge in cheek mini-series that has a girl from now switch places with Lizzie. You'll be caught between throwing something at the screen and loving every minute of it!