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Friday, May 29, 2009

A letter to the boy

Let's make a deal. I will give you whatever you want when you turn sixteen (money, a car, a trip, no curfew ever) and you start sleeping. I will even promise to take your side in all fights with your sister even if you are completely in the wrong.

The thing is, the lack of sleep is getting to me. I worry that I'm no fun to be around. It is all I ever talk (and blog) about. I am snappy with your sister and then I feel awful afterwards. I feel like a bad mom.

I try to comfort myself by saying that you are teething or reaching some new developmental milestone. I know this won't last forever. It is just now, in the midst of it, that I feel it will never end.

I want to comfort you when you get up at night. I want to make this easier for you. But I also want to sleep. Maybe you could just give me a night or two of rest? Just a little break? Or, have another telepathic conversation with your sister and agree to both nap at the same time?

The only positive out of this is that your dad is very appreciative when I take you and he gets a good night of sleep. Maybe I should start bartering for jewelery.


  1. If you master the sleep thing, please do let me know the secret ;)

  2. We're going on 25 months here and I still haven't figured out the sleep thing.
    I got an entire week of him sleeping through the night last week and I think he was just trying to tease me.
    We're back to getting up 4, sometimes 5 times a night.
    Good luck!