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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It will get easier

I was talking to another mom at the park today who has a toddler and baby close in age to the girl and the boy. She was retelling a conversation she had with her husband about how hard she is finding life right now and her husband responded with "it will get easier once they are older".

Now, granted, I am only coming up on three years of experience as a parent, but I have already reached the conclusion that it doesn't get easier. It just gets hard in a different way.

The sleep deprivation and exhaustion of feedings are replaced by tantrums and resistance. The push for independence turns into challenging authority . Problems on the playground with bullying and the complicated intricacies of friendships become body image issues and sexual exploration. With kids there is always something to worry about, some issue to help them sort out, some challenge they need to overcome.

I don't think we truly understand how hard parenting is before we become parents. It is easy to look at other people kids and say "oh, mine would never me like that". Oh, but they will (insert evil laugh here).

It will be easier if you just accept it.


  1. Oh, good post. I've never thought that it was going to get easier because I have yet to forget my own teenage years.

    Heaven help me...

  2. It does easier in some ways, harder in others. For me the sleep was key though, so once I started getting more sleep I was better able to handle the day time stuff a little better. My kids are 5, 3 and 1 and in many ways things are much easier than they were one year ago, and in other ways they are a bit harder :)

    Uh, like last year, the baby couldn't move. Or walk. Or climb stairs, ladders and slides at the park!!!

  3. But it also gets better, you know? No matter how tough the age, I always think that it can't possibly be more fun/cute/educational/whatever, and then it is.

  4. Thanks for the comments! So while it will not exactly get easier I will get more sleep so that will probably make it seem easier. :-)

  5. True. I think in some ways it gets easier, it some ways, it gets harder. Like, there is a whole brand new list of 'worries' to worry about when kids start school. And start growing up, and driving. Then we'll be up all night worrying about them driving safe. It's non-stop never-ending worry!