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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hanging out the wash

Today we are getting things done around the house. We have the tendency to try to do too much on a weekend - running here, rushing there - that we are exhausted by Sunday night and our house still looks like a mess. This weekend we are staying home, doing laundry and tiding up.

Oh, and packing for our trip to Toronto on Wednesday. I am pretty nervous about traveling with the two kids. This will be our first trip with the both of them. We have traveled with the girl before but I like to think of those times as working trips rather than "vacations". There is nothing restful about them. On our last trip to Vancouver and Winnipeg the time change was the biggest issue. There is nothing like walking the streets of East Vancouver at 4:30 am because the girl is up and you don't want her to wake your hosts. But really, I shouldn't complain because the husband took pity on my poor pregnant self and let me sleep while he walked the streets. That is why I love him.

(I am sure that I will have some good/ insane stories from our trip. Most of them will probably involve me complaining that neither of the kids slept. So nothing new there.)

Despite the cool temperature and cloudy sky in Ottawa today I was excited to hang the very first load of wash to dry on our new clothes line. As our backyard is pretty small I can only fit one load of laundry out there, so I am still using the dryer to get through the large pile of laundry on the kitchen floor. But I took an absurd amount of joy in hanging out our sheets and towels. Watching them blow in the wind, with the girl hiding in and behind them, reminded me of hanging laundry in the backyard of my grandparents house. They had one of those clothes lines that look like a pole stuck into a spider web. I don't know how much I actually helped hang up the laundry as a child but the memories were still warm and fuzzy. It's funny how a simple household task, but one I haven't done in a long time, will bring back memories you have forgotten.

I wonder what the girl will remember? Hopefully not me yelling at her for peeing in our bed yesterday.

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  1. I'm so jealous of your clothesline!! I've heard sunlight is a fantastic bleach/deoderizer--great for diapers.