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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Free diapers

Those are some magic words. Although we use cloth during the day, we do use disposables on the boy at night in the vain hope that it helps him sleep better. In any case he has less diaper rash than his sister did.

ecobotts is offering a free trial pack of ECO diapers. All you have to pay is $2 for shipping. Sweet.

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  1. Hiya! ok this is totally off topic... books :)
    if you like Charlaine Harris' books, try Kelley Armstrong's Otherworld series (Canadian too, woo hoo). Start with Bitten.

    Laurell K. Hamilton is good, too, got some racy bits(!) though she does drag on sometimes. Two series, one about Meredith Gentry (faeries - start with Kiss of Shadows) and one about Anita Blake (vampires - start with Guilty Pleasures). Both decent!

    If you have any interest in murder mysteries, I could definitely recommend a few more authors! :)