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Friday, May 1, 2009


The boy is eight months old today. He was born September 1, 2008. Monday. Labour Day. My due date.

In honour of the boy's eight months here are eight things you should know about him:

1. He looks like his sister. But a boy version of his sister. Thankfully. I have had many random strangers tell me that they look alike. I think they look more like each other than either me or my husband. They are both definitely cuter.

2. He mastered sitting up last week. We no longer play the sit down- fall over game. I think he likes the new view it provides him. He definitely likes the fact that he can grab things easier this way.

3. He has grown into his nose and ears. When he was born all I could see when I looked at him was his huge nose and these ears that stuck out. I was used to the delicate little features of his sister so it was a bit of a shock. Now they seem to be better proportioned to his face. Phew!

4. He likes to play the "num num" game with his dad. This game involves the boy putting various things, his hand, a toy, a spoon, into the husband's mouth and the husband grabbing it like a dog with a bone and muttering "num num" as if he is eating it. They both seem to think it is hilarious.

5. He has started reaching his arms out to be picked up. Sometimes when I sit behind him he will turn his body around towards me while reaching up his arms as if to pull me down to him. When I grab him he will curl his fingers around my shirt. It is so lovely.

6. He does not like the taste of sand. Despite that fact he continues to eat it. Is he displaying an optimistic or stubborn personality? Hmmm.

7. When he nurses he likes to grab his foot with his free hand and play with it. His sister did the same thing.

8. He has the sweetest disposition. Even when he is sick and feeling crappy he still tries to smile. You can just see how much he wants to be happy.

I am happy he is here. He and his sister may drive me crazy (see almost any other post) but I wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. Great post - such a sweet age

    Isn't it funny they have the same habit when nursing? I wonder how that is - both my kids love to cross their feet - both did it during ultrasound pictures! Coincidence or something more?? ;)

  2. 8 months is a fantastic age. My friend was over with her 8-month old on the weekend, and I couldn't get enough of him. He makes my 18-month old (who I normally still consisder a baby) look like a giant.