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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dora. And Boots?

Yesterday was a rough day. There was lots of crying (the boy), not napping (the girl) and melt downs (me).

I was feeling the pressure to get her to take a nap yesterday because she had been up since before 6 am and had a long night before her. To summarize, there was frustration on both sides and no napping. Sigh. In my exhaustive state caused by the boy not sleeping, I did not deal very well with the girl not doing what I thought she should. Doesn't that just sum up most of my moments of frustration.

The girl and the husband were invited by friends, who had won tickets, to go see Dora at the National Arts Centre last night. It started at 7pm, thus the need for a nap. Apparently the girl held up very well during the first act, standing and staring enthralled at the action on the stage. She started to flag during the second act and the husband actually left half way through when she started to cry and ask to go home.

I heard them before I saw them. When I opened the door the girl was standing there with her arms out stretched, crying. She was so tired. And yet she managed to complain that she didn't want to go to sleep and that she wasn't tired. I do admire her persistence.

The girl was excited about going to the show all day. I didn't think she would understand the concept of "theater" so I told her she was going to a party and that Dora would be there. When she heard she paused, tilted her head and then asked in a quiet voice "And Boots?". "Yes", I said. "Yay", she cried jumping up and down.

Since it was a party she wanted to wanted to dress up. She said she wanted to wear her ballerina dress. Huh? I had no idea what she meant. Turns out that the ballerina dress is a Tinkerbell costume that I bought from a consignment store for dress up. She looked about as cute as she can in the yellow dress with puffed sleeves and zigzag skirt, pigtails and bright red shoes. It was Peter Pan meets Wizard of Oz.

The boy was pretty miserable all day yesterday due to what looks like two teeth coming in. While I basically hate all teeth, I do have to say that he looks pretty cute with his two top front teeth in. There is a small gap between the two of them that adds some extra cuteness. I anticipate years of orthodontic before us though.


  1. She did look adorable! And she held up very well and was a very brave girl for staying up so long past her bed time.

  2. Actually, my dad tells me that spaces between primary teeth are good--it means there will be enough room in the jaw for the permanent teeth. It's when there are no spaces that you have to worry about braces (i.e. my daughter).

    Your husband was very courageous for taking the girl to see Dora! After my daughter's meltdown during a very low-key dance concert, it will be a LONG time before we attend any event like that again.