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Sunday, May 24, 2009

The difference between her and I

Neither the husband or I grew up in Ottawa. Even though we have been living here since 2001 it is still new to us. There are always new neighbourhoods, new festivals and new restaurants to be discovered.

I find it weird that Ottawa will be where the girl and the boy will be from. This is where all their stories will be based, their memories of schools, summers and friends.

Where I am from will just be a place that they visit. I will take them to see the houses I used to live in, the schools I attended, the places the husband and I used to hang out. They will visit them with me, but they will never be a part of the kids' lives. Not like how I always passed my grandparents house on the way to junior high every day, how I went to the same high school as my mom, how I would shop at the Sears my aunts used to work at.

I believe that the city that we grow up in does have an impact on who we are. The history, the people, the traditions, the weather, the politics all work their way into our consciousness and help inform our thoughts and our choices. I wonder how living in Ottawa, a fairly wealthy, educated and politically aware city, will impact the girl and boy.

One thing I do know. The girl has no idea how luck she has it.

"Let's go out side and play", I say.

"I'm scared. Will there be mosquitoes? I don't like mosquitoes."

"There are no mosquitoes. In fact, there are hardly any misquotes here".

The girl saw one mosquito last week and has been traumatised by it. When the husband told me that I laughed. She doesn't and never will truly know mosquitoes. Not like me. I'm from Winnipeg.


  1. Wow! It's like you got inside my brain on this one! I've had the same conversation many times with my husband, who grew up in the same place I did, regarding our kids, who will grow up here in Ottawa. It still seems strange to me that their home is here.

  2. Seriously, you don't think there are a lot of mosquitoes in Ottawa? I complain about mosquitoes all day long in the summer in Ottawa! LOL!