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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cooking with a toodler

The girl likes to help me cook. Sometimes I like to have her help me cook. It can be cute to see her scoop flour with a baby spoon (about half the size of a teaspoon) from the measuring cup to the bowl. But it isn't very practical to have her help if you plan to eat in, say, the next two hours. The last time she helped me cook I got a little frustrated because she was transferring all the food from the cutting board to the bowl via a measuring cup. And it was already 5:30 pm.

Last night the girl helped me make a salad. She transferred the spring salad mix from bag to colander, washed it and then transferred it to the bowl. All while wearing her cute pink stripped apron. She likes to be the chef. I am the sous-chef.

The best recipe to make with the girl is anything that involves the slow cooker. I can chop and she will put everything in the slow cooker and stir. Luckily we have a very big, very deep slow cooker so nothing spills out. She also loves to make cupcakes. Almost as much as she likes to eat them.

The girl and I both seem to have settled down from the trauma of Monday. She has still resisted going to school Wednesday and Friday, but was fine once she was in the stroller. I feel like we are back in the groove around here. A friend said that it takes about a week to readjust to being home from a trip. Now I know.

Unfortunately I foresee much trauma later today as we all go to our first swim class. The girl was very interested in the pool at the hotel, so we all trucked down in our bathing suits. She did not want to get in the pool though. At all. And when the husband dunked his head she got very upset. Of coarse, in doing so he lost his glasses, which he is kind of blind without, so I had to go under and get them. The decibel of the shrieking was quite high.

I think I will have a good post tonight.

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