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Friday, May 1, 2009

Books #2

One of my favorite authors is Robert Munsch. I remember reading his books as a child and loving the stories. Even then I knew he understood what it was to be a kid. Now I am enjoying reading them with the girl. And even better, listening to them.

Reading Robert Munsch is one thing. You get the story, some kind of crazy adventure or challenge, and the fabulous pictures. But listening to him tell the story is a whole other experience.

Before the girl was born I bought some of my favorite books and CDs in anticipation of her arrival. On my list was Love You Forever: The Best of Robert Munsch. It has some of my favorite stories, like The Paper Bag Princess and Mortimer. We listen to the stories most lunchtimes. It is a motivator for the girl to sit in her chair and finish her lunch. She can recite most of Mortimer (that must be her favorite). There is nothing cuter than hearing her say "Two policeman came up the stairs and said in their low policeman voice (she lowers her voice here) 'Mortimer... be quiet' ".

In anticipation of our trip to Toronto next week I wanted to download some stories onto the husband's MP3 player for the girl to listen to. I was so excited to find out that you can download recordings of Robert Munsch reading most of stories here on his website. For FREE. Another reason to like Robert Munsch.

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