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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Birthday cake

We ended up going to the party. A great time was had by all, especially the girl. She and the birthday boy chased each other, went down the slide together and sat on the deck together sharing snacks. You'd almost think there weren't any other kids at the party.

After about half an hour, once she had explored everything and tried everything at least once, she started asking for birthday cake. "No cake now", I said, "we have to eat lunch first". Lunch was hot dogs (veggie dogs for us, the hosts took good care of us) and salads. She deigned to take a few bites before the chimes of "I want birthday cake" began. "Not yet", I said. "Not until everyone has finished eating", said the birthday boy's mother. That didn't stop the girl from asking.

Finally, the cake arrived. The girl was right at the front waiting for the chocolate gooeyness to be doled out. With a large piece on her plate she sat quietly, with focused determination, eating that cake. If you knew her, you would know she doesn't sit quietly for anything. She must have sat for close to ten minutes working on that thing. First the icing was eaten, then the top layer of the cake and then the bottom. I have a vivid image of her in my mind sitting in a deck chair and slightly hunched over her thick piece of cake, face and hand covered in chocolate and mouth wide open.

That girl is nothing if not persistent. No idea where she gets that from.

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  1. I must admit, I'm kinda like that with cake, too :)
    Hey, is your family vegetarian? Us, too!