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Monday, April 27, 2009

Why I love to win things

I can't help it! Who doesn't love free stuff.

I just found out I won some Oliver's Labels from Northern Mama. I am going to buy some labels with the boy's name on it so he will be ready for school four years from now. You can never be too prepared! And I already bought some for her sister. It is very useful for shoes and bags. I also won some Dapple cleaning products (baby safe cleaning products) from Northern Mama. Seriously, I am on a roll!

I am really curious to try the Dapple dish washer detergent. At first I thought, come on, special dish washer detergent for babies? But our dish washer does not clean the bowls I use to serve the boy's baby cereal in. I will run them in a load and then have to scrub them and soak them after anyway. I'll let you know if it actually works.

I also won some Piggy Paint, kid friendly, non-toxic nail polish, from {Natural} Mommie. I think I will tuck it away for the girl's third birthday in August. Or a raining afternoon. Which ever comes first. :-)

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