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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Why did we leave the house?

It was one of those days. As I sat breastfeeding the boy this morning I wondered if we should still go ahead with our morning plans or cancel the whole thing. I even voiced my thoughts to the husband. We decided to forge ahead. Bad choice.

I think part of the problem was that I had an idea of how the morning would go. The boy would have his nap at the usual time (8 or 8:30) then we would head out to the consignment store when he woke up. By 9am he still wasn't asleep so we decided we had better head out anyway. That meant getting everyone dressed, diaper changes and a feeding for the boy. Well of coarse he feel asleep nursing. But we since we had decided to go anyway, we bundled the sleeping boy into the stroller next to his sister and headed out. It was actually a lovely walk along the canal, once I relaxed about having an unexpected start to the day. I can too easily fall into the "shoulds" of how a day should go.

The problems started once the girl was entering the consignment store and had her head smacked by her dad opening the door. There was much wailing, which turned into demands for snacks. You would think we would have learnt from the Triscuits incident, but no! We didn't have any snacks because we were rushing out of the house and are low on groceries. So, with the boy crying because he wants to eat again and the girl demanding snacks we quickly headed to the bagel shop and then to a near-by park. You didn't think we were going to subject restaurant patrons to us, did you?

At the park both kids ate and there was a moment of calm before the girl announced that she didn't have to pee or poo. "I don't have to pee or poo" she said. That is never a good sign. She is mostly potty trained and we have her in disposable training pants when we go out, thank goodness. Because she did a huge poo in the park. Thankfully the park was empty and it wasn't raining (it had been earlier) so the husband did an outdoor diaper change. There were some issues with the execution and poo ended up on her dress and other things. Once she was striped down to her leggings we quickly got her into the stroller and headed home.

I was just regaining my sense of calm when we reached home. The husband had stopped for some groceries so he was a few minutes behind me. He arrived just in time to hear me utter some profanity as I was unloading the kids from the stroller and going to open the door. The girl's water bottle, which had been pressed into service during the diaper change, had not been closed properly and had leaked in the diaper bag. Onto our new cell phone. Which no longer works.

The lesson I learnt today was not to leave the house if you even have the smallest thought that it might be a bad idea. And if the thought is screaming in your head lock the doors!

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