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Saturday, April 4, 2009

"What's I do Mommy?"

That is what my daughter utters about 12 times a day. Sometimes it is because she is doing something silly or something new or something she knows she shouldn't. The girl likes to check back to see if we saw what she did and how we are reacting to it . She wants to have it described back to her. I think that is her way of processing it. Figuring out it she should do it again.

Today there was a fair number of "what's I do Mommy". Some sweet, like climbing all over me and giving me kisses, some irritating, like stopping the stroller with her feet repeatedly.

Despite the colds still hanging on we decided to go to the mall this morning. We needed to get out of the house, it was raining and the girl needed new shoes so off we went. We took our new stroller which lets the boy sit in the front facing out and the girl sit or stand in the back facing us. She held up well for most of the walk to the mall but as the destination neared her feet started to repeatedly drop to the wheels, thus stopping the stroller. By this time the boy had fallen asleep and I was worried she was going to wake him up. "What's I do Mommy?". After calmly explaining for the third time she was stopping the stroller and could she please stop, I took her out and left her with the husband while I walked away. I was trying to do some deep breathing but boy was I upset.

Is this all part of the "terrible twos"? The questioning? Ignoring me? Looking me in the eye while she does exactly what I asked her not to do? Am I going to have to go through this with the boy too?

There was less disobedience on the walk home, largely due to the fact that she maintained a constant wail of "I want Triscuits". We had some in the bag but they had spilled out during the morning. If I had a video camera I would have filmed it and send it to the company with a suggestion that they use it in their next add campaign with the tag line "Triscuits. In demand".

As for the boy, he cried the whole walk home too. He was tired and hungry (but didn't want to nurse at the mall despite my efforts because there was too much to look at). The best part of the walk home was the brief conversation we had with another family as we passed by them.

"How's it going" asked the mom as both kids screamed.

"We are almost home" I said.

"Yeah" replied the mom as she nodded.

Footnote: I feel the need to add something more positive about the day so I don't just spend my time here bitching (because I could).

The boy is very cute right now. He is reaching out lots for whoever isn't holding him and snuggling into our necks for cuddles. When you put him down on the floor he extends both of his arms and goes up on his knees. I think he is close to crawling.

The girl is an amazing big sister. She loves her brother to pieces and showers him with hugs and kisses. Sometimes she says "here comes the big sister" as she walks down the stairs or hallway. She has taken to reading him stories. She is all love.

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