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Monday, April 27, 2009

What did I expect?

Was this what I expected it to be like with two kids? Kind of.

I expected the tiredness, but not the degree of crankiness I sometimes have with the two of them. Seriously, sometimes I can not believe the stuff that comes out of my mouth! I expected the business, but not the mania of meal times when the girl doesn't want to eat the food in front of her (she won't even try it) and the boy is fussing and unhappy. I expected problems with the girl sharing her toys and lots of cries of "mine's", but not the profound love they demonstrate for each other every day. I knew, I hoped, they would love each other but it still amazes me. I took a moment to appreciate them both today at park. The girl sat in my lap and we both took turns pushing her brother in the swing. We grabbed his feet as they came towards us and he smiled and laughed. They take such joy in each other. I should remember this.

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  1. Taking care of two young children is hands down the hardest job on the planet! I have a hard time being alone with my two boys for more then 1 hour! Very hard... one is running one way, the other is climbing the walls... it's tough!