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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our house version 2.4

We have been doing a little interior decorating in our living room this weekend. I wish I could say we bought some chic new sectional couch or modern, minimalist light fixture, but no. I don't think that will be happening until the kids have outgrown their interest in jumping on the couch and their tendency to spill. Oh, and we actually have some disposable income.

Instead, we moved the plastic play kitchen to the actual kitchen, set up the play pen in the living room and relegated the rocking chair to the nook leading to the basement (because we can't actually fit it down the stairs to the basement). All these "improvements" are in anticipation of the boy mastering crawling and the need to have one safe space in the house where we can set him down and let him go wild. The baby gates will be going up at the first sign he is making a break for the stairs.

Personally, I think the changes bring much more sophisticated feel to the living room. It is a bit of cross between an upscale flophouse and downtrodden day care centre. And imagine, we did all this without a professional stylist!

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