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Monday, April 13, 2009

A lazy Monday

The rest of the world may be back in the swing of things but we are still in vacation mode as the husband gets today off from work. A four day weekend has been much appreciated. We have gotten lots of work done around the house, including a preliminary clean of the basement. I don't even like to go down there it is so messy! And it isn't just an excuse not to change the cat litter.

Grandma went home today. She put in some hard labour during her visit so I hope she can have a rest when she gets home. Shortly after the boy was born she mentioned that she slept for ten hours after one of her visits. I believe it. And I wish I could too!

The boy is in a much better mood now that his tooth has come in. He still isn't sleeping great at night, but you know, he's a baby so what do I expect. The girl has been saying lots of funny things lately, most of which I have forgotten in my sleep-induced exhaustion. She did respond to a request yesterday with "oh, give me a break". She even managed to copy Grandma's exact tone and mannerism when saying it. I think Grandma will be watching what she says a little more carefully now.

I had a pat on the back moment with the girl a few days ago. You know, a maybe we aren't doing such a bad job kind of moment. We had friends over for an impromptu lunch. The little boy, about the girl's age, started coughing to clear his throat and then kept coughing just for fun until the girl said "Say excuse me". We all kind of looked at her in surprise. I was thinking "Wow, does this mean she actually is listening to me and the words are sinking in?". She followed up with "Cover your mouth" and I felt a little smug. I actually have a polite child. At least in front of other people. :-)

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