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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I swear that the girl can make her brother laugh like no one else. When the girl woke up from her nap (yes, she is napping!) I took the boy in with me to get her. We all sat around on her bed and she started to make some silly sounds. Well, the boy laughed and laughed. She kept doing it and he kept laughing. Is it a sibling thing? A kid thing? All I know is that the husband and I have to work it and all the girl has to do is look at it him. I love it.

I did have some nice playtime with the boy today. He sat on my lap and we played peek-a-boo for ten minutes. I would hide my face behind a board book and he knew to pull it down in order to find me. As his grandpa would say "he is very advanced for his age".

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