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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I make smart babies

Apparently babies born to women who suffer morning sickness may be smarter. With the amount of throwing up I did my kids should be geniuses. The boy most of all.

In all seriousness, I was pleased to see that the study did not report any adverse effect to babies as a result of women taking diclectin while they were pregnant. I was on diclectin for most of my pregnancy with the boy. I threw up every day for nine weeks with the girl so I was expecting morning sickness when I got pregnant again. What I couldn't handle was throwing up in the late afternoon and evening. It meant that I either didn't eat anything in the afternoon or for dinner, or I would be violently ill. There is nothing like stopping in at a hotel on your walk home from work to throw up in a bathroom stall. Good times.

I resisted the diclectin for ten weeks and then I started popping those drugs. The nausea never really went away, but the vomiting did.

Now I know it was all worth it. I wonder which one will win a Nobel Prize? Maybe both?

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  1. My children should be brilliant, especially my 2.5 year old son (20 weeks of yuck);) Interesting study for sure!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog - glad to have found yours too! I'll follow it now :)