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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Going on an egg hunt

In honour of Easter and Spring the husband and I decided to organize an egg hunt in the park across the street from us. With the help of grandma we filled over ninety (yes 90) plastic eggs with different stickers. I snuck out of the house at ten minutes to nine this morning with a big bag of eggs and had a great time hiding them on, under and around the play structures and swing sets.

Shortly after nine o'clock (yes it may seem early but we'd been up since 5am) seven kids between the ages of one and a half and three and a half took over the park in search of eggs. It was funny to watch how focused some kids were in hunting down the eggs while others were more interested in going down the slide to pick up the eggs. I wandered around with some extra eggs in my pockets, putting them out for the avid egg hunters when they weren't looking. By the end of the party the kids were happily playing or decorating egg coloring sheets with their stickers. It was lovely to see everyone having such a great time. I love that we have a park acorss the street from us. I like to think of it as our big front yard.

The girl definitely seemed to enjoy herself. She was so cute to see racing around with her little friends searching for eggs. When she and I went looking in the empty wading pool together she discovered the egg hidden in the water spout. What was I thinking putting it there? Both of our attempts to pull it out only resulted in it being pushed further back into spout. I think the lifeguards are in for a surprise this summer the first time they go to fill the pool! :-)

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