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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Getting a social life

The girl has started to want to play with other kids. Well, of coarse she has always played with her friends. But now she wants to play with other kids just because they are kids and so is she.

The last few visits to the park have involved her scoping out the other kids and talking to me about playing with them. For the first time last week she said she wanted to play with a little girl she saw on the climbing structure. I said that she should go and ask the girl if she would like to play. "No, you" was her reply. So we both headed over to the little girl. Unfortunately, the little girl just started blankly at me and then walked away. Was it me?

The girl tried again today and actually walked up to another girl at the park to ask her to play. I can't tell you what the response was though because this other girl was too busy lying on the sand screaming and yelling in full tantrum mode to even consider the request. Her mom explained that she had tried to put a coat on the little girl. Ah, yes. The evil of the coat. While my girl didn't find a playmate today I think she did enjoy the spectacle of the tantrum because she stood in place for a long time just watching. Hopefully she wasn't taking notes!

I am pleased to say that I will also be expanding my own social life this weekend. For the first time in almost eight months I will being going out of the house by myself to meet a friend for lunch. I am not running a quick errand. I am not taking a mental health break because I am at my breaking point. I have scheduled a lunch date with a friend in advance with no kids and husband and I am so excited. I think I will even order desert.

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