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Friday, April 10, 2009

False alarm

Here's the news on the tooth watch - it was a false alarm. What we actually saw was a tooth with a very thin covering of gum. It wasn't until the husband felt around in the boy's mouth that we realized the tooth hadn't come through. Argh!! The result, of coarse, is a very unhappy boy today. He has hardly napped, chews on everything and continues to loudly express his displeasure. How many more teeth need to come in? Agh!!

On a rare day this week when the boy was napping and the girl was awake we spent some nice time together playing with her dollhouse and reading on the couch. It made me realize that while I spend lots of time with the girl, I spend hardly any with her alone. Her brother is always in my arms, next to us on the floor or bouncing in his exersaucer near-by. So today she and I had some very lovely one-on-one time. The girl and I headed out on a walk to the bakery to pick up some hot cross buns and then hung out at a coffee shopping drinking tea and milk and reading books. We ended up at the park after where we played. I am going to try to make this a regular Saturday thing. It is nice to have sometime where I can just focus on her.

Here's another little story about the girl. The husband brought home one of those big juice drinks for me after his walk (the boy was strapped to him for the walk and it was the only way to get him to nap). When the girl saw it she asked "what's that mommy". I wasn't thinking very fast so I answered that it was a milkshake that daddy brought for me. Her response was "It's a me and mommy milkshake to share". I laughed at her reasoning that it must also be for her and her readiness for me to share with her (because you know that she doesn't willingly share). When she heard me laughing she asked "what's I say mommy?" I loved that she knew she had said something humours but she didn't know what it was.

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