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Monday, April 6, 2009

Dollhouses and teeth

The girl has her first doll house and she loves it. It was a gift from my cousins a few weeks ago. The dollhouse is really a paper book that opens up and can be tied together to form eight separate rooms over two levels. There is a family of little papers dolls as well, a mom, dad and two girls. Some of the things I heard her saying as she played with it today: "you have to wait for me at the top of the stairs and then we can go down" and "okay, try to sit on the potty". Hmm, I wonder where she gets that from.

But as much as she loves the doll house I think it won't last much longer. As I mentioned it is paper, and therefore not able to support her bum when she sits on it. The floor of the bathroom is now in the dining room. Some duct tape is needed.

So I have started looking for a doll house for her birthday in August. A nice wooden one I think. Something that will be able to support her weight.

As for the boy, he is definitely working on some new teeth. His bottom two are in and the top two are visible under his gums. For the last few days he has not been enjoying eating and moans constantly. And not happy moans. I am wondering if it is his teeth hurting.

Both these kids seem to have trouble with their teeth. In other words, they, and us by extension, feel every single tooth that comes in. I have heard people say that they didn't even know their child was teething until a tooth appeared. Not me. I am blaming all the random screaming and crying on the anticipated arrival of a tooth. I am also keeping the drugs close by. For both of us.

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