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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Conversations with the girl #2

Scene: The park on a Wednesday morning. The husband is there by himself with the girl and the boy.

Husband: Okay, you can have one last slide before we go home.

The girl starts climbing the play structure to get up to the slide. She stops climbing and begins licking the play structure.

Husband: Please stop licking the play structure. We don't lick the play structure.

Girl continues to lick the play structure.

Husband: If you keep licking the play structure we are going to go home.

Girl starts licking her coat.

Girl: I lick my coat?

Husband: Well....

Girl turns her head to face away from the husband.

Husband: Did you lick the play structure?

Girl nods.

Husband: Well, we have to go home now. I said that if you licked the play structure again we would go home. Husband picks up the girl, while holding the boy in this other arm.

Girl: No, no! Just one more slide! Girl cries all the way out of the park and across the street.

Girl: Put me down! The husband puts her down on the side walk in front of our house. Girl makes to run back across the road to the park. The husband tries to restrain her. In response the girl lies down on her back on the side walk still crying.

Strange Old Woman Walking Down the Street: Ha ha ha ha.

The husband picks the girl back up and carries her into the house. I come running because the wailing leads me to believe that bones have been broken and blood shed.

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