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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cheap therapy

This blog is proving to be very useful. When I am feeling stressed or freaked out (like the Triscuts incident) I start thinking about how I am going to describe this in my blog. And usually I can start seeing the funny side of the situation.

Today I felt like things had finally returned to normal. Neither of the kids seem sick anymore, which means a decrease in crying from them both and edginess from the girl. Naps seemed to have miraculously returned for the girl. Yay! I think I will have to put the disappearance of the naps down to her being sick. At lunch she was asking to be excused so she could have a nap and she woke up in such a great mood. When I went into her room she said "I give you tickles and kisses". There is no better way to wake up I say!

The boy also had two naps that lasted longer than an hour each which is practically unheard of. The result was that I was more relaxed because I actually got a little quiet time to myself.

One of the words of wisdom passed on from our midwife is that sleep is key. I feel like we still aren't getting a lot of it with the boy up two or three times a night, but when the kids have some good naps, like today, the word seems like a brighter place!

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