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Friday, April 24, 2009

The changing content of this post

I have written this post in my head about six times today. Most of the earlier versions involved "grumble, grumble, whining girl, grumble, grumble, no break from the kids, grumble, grumble, ungrateful children". But they are both asleep now so I am feeling much more generous and forgiving. Plus, I ate a Kit Kat bar. That helped.

The boy is pretty much crawling now. He can stick his bum up in the air and scoot forward by pushing off with his feet. He seems to be motivated to crawl towards most things beyond his reach but he really likes envelopes, plastic bags and his sister's potty. Needless to say we have to re-organize our living room this weekend.

The girl is scaring me a little with her smarts. I mean, she isn't even three yet. Should she be capable of subtle distinctions in language? Ever since I picked her up from school today she was whiny and edgy. I had to tell her a number of times not to yell or raise her voice at me, to speak politely and to listen. While I was putting her brother down for his nap she was supposed to be lying in her bed also sleeping. Instead I heard very high pitch sounds coming from behind her door. When I went into her room she quickly said "I'm not yelling for you". "What are you doing then", I asked. "I'm talking" she said. She even emphasized the talking in case I needed any help understanding the difference. Help!

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