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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

And now a post for Grandpa

In between all the giveaway talk and reflective musings I know my dad has got to be thinking "get to the kids already!" So this one is for grandpa (or "Poppa" as my daughter calls him).

The boy *this close* to crawling. He has been rolling like crazy for a few weeks now, seriously he can roll halfway across the room, but today he was sticking his bum in the air and pushing against the floor with his toes. It was a very funny downward acing dog, especially since his arms were both extended outwards reaching for a magazine. He really loved to chew on any paper products. I have to watch out where I leave the mail.

The boy also seems to have some kind of sleep transplant because he is sleeping like crazy (except Sunday night but I forgive him). He did three or close to three hour naps today and yesterday. For the last week there have usually been one, sometimes two, five hour stretches of sleep. Friday night he slept nine hours. NINE! NINE (9)! HOURS! I got six hours of sleep that night. SIX! In a row. I haven't had six hours of continuous sleep since before I was pregnant with him. It was like a ray of sunshine shined down on me and filled my heart with joy. I swear, if I had that much sleep all the time I would be such a nice person!

As for the girl, she is cute as ever. Sometimes I forget that she is only two and half because we can have conversations and talk about most things. In fact, talking about what we are doing and what is coming up seems to be really important to her. She had a few upset days at school last week when there were sudden changes to the routine, including a puppet show in the gym and a visit by the music teacher. While part of it could have been her fear of puppets (seriously), I think it was more the change in routine. We hadn't known about either of these two events or we would have talked to her about them and prepared her. Talking about the routine at school and her teachers really seemed to help her settle in when she started back in January. Now the teachers are going to let us know if any activities are coming up and we can get her prepared for them.

On the subject of teachers... I have already started thinking about what kind of gifts I can give them at the end of the school year. And I have no ideas. Any suggestions?

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